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Why Choose Liposomal Nutrition?

Liposomal nutrition is a revolutionary approach to nutritional supplementation that has been shown to substantially increase the absorption and bioavailability of certain nutrients.

Vitamin B12
The nutrients in Liposomal BioG-Max B12 have been shown in medical literature to:
  • Support Optimal Immune Function
  • Support Optimal Liver Detoxification
  • Support Optimal Nervous System Activity
  • Support Optimal Heart Health
  • Support Optimal Methylation Activity

It's important to note that recent studies have shown deficiency in the following populations even when participants eat B12-fortified foods.  Patients with gastrointestinal disorders (including those that have had a diagnosed H. Pylori infection), the elderly, and persons following a vegan or vegetarian diet.  B12 deficiencies have been associate with the following conditions: Hematological disorders (especially pernicious anemia), Osteoporosis and bone health issues, fertility issues, vascular disorders, and neurological or neuropsychiatric conditions.  Studies have confirmed a likely link between Vitamin B12 deficiency and depression.

The nutrients in Liposomal BioG-Max GSH have been shown in medical literature to:
  • Support Healthy Detoxification
  • Promote Optimal Metabolism
  • Support Healthy Immune Function
  • Powerful Antioxidant Effects

Glutathione is the master detoxifier and the body's main antioxidant.  Toxins are linked to glutathione, which then carries them into the bile and the stool, and out of your body.  It protects our cells delicate chemical machinery, helps our energy metabolism run efficiently.  Glutathione is also integral to our immune system, especially for resistance to viruses.  Typical oral delivery of glutathione is greatly inhibited by a breakdown in the stomach.

Biogenetix's BioG-Max GSH Liposomal Delivery System protects the glutathione from digestive enzymes that otherwise prevent absorption of oral glutathione supplementation and in cell cultures have demonstrated over 100 times more efficiency for intracellular delivery than IV-based glutathione.

Vitamin C
The nutrients in Liposomal BioG-Max C have been shown in medical literature to:
  • Support Optimal Immune Function
  • Support Proper Detoxification
  • Promote Ideal Levels of Inflammation
  • Support Healthy Joint Tissue

Biogenetix's BioG-Max C Liposomal Delivery System w/ R-Lipoic Acid is the most absorbable form of professional-grade Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is essential to any detoxification program because it feeds the system that eliminates toxins.  It is also very effective in removing lead and other heavy metals from our system and fighting off the free radicals that form in the liver during the first phase of detoxification.

*These statements about products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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