Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

Symptoms of Peripheral NeuropathyCommon Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms Include:
☑️Pins and Needles Feelings
☑️Numbness in the Hands or Feet
☑️Tingling or Burning Sensations
☑️Weakness in the Arms or Legs
☑️Sharp Shooting or Burning Pains
☑️Balance Problems

Do you ever feel like you can't lift your feet while walking, or, maybe you frequently stumble because you stub your toes?  Do you feel like your knees are going to buckle and cause you to fall?  Many people with neuropathy will often talk about stumbling because they can't lift their feet, or their knees feel weak like they want to buckle.  These are common complaints of neuropathy sufferers that tend to worsen over time if left uncorrected.

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