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Low-Force High Velocity Manipulation

Although we sometimes utilize conventional chiropractic manipulation, we also have available what is considered low force-high velocity manipulation. This is often appropriate for elderly patients, especially those with osteoporosis, children, or those individuals who prefer a lighter approach.  These types of patients require a Doctor of Chiropractic who utilizes gentle, but effective methods.

Many people believe that chiropractors just treat bad backs, but this is far from correct.  Chiropractic treatment produces positive benefits for a wide variety of joint and muscle related conditions such as: sciatica, back or neck pain, shoulder or hip pain, elbow or knee pain, wrist pain, headaches, and disc problems.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and nerve entrapment issues caused by conditions such as a disc herniation may also benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments directly help reduce pain in joints, muscles, and nerves by optimizing their structure and function.

By combining chiropractic with nutritional counseling, weight loss counseling, massage therapy, and state-of-the-art physiotherapy, we are able to provide a comprehensive approach to your treatment. Think of the doctors at Health 1st Wellness & Physical Medicine as your personal health coaches.

Spinal Manipulation Explained

The spine is comprised of 33 interconnected vertebrae aligned in a column with small joints between each vertebra.  Activities like improper lifting, poor posture, or accidents can lead to these joints becoming immobile or restricted resulting in pain and stiffness.  Doctors of Chiropractic employ spinal manipulative therapy to overcome joint restrictions.

Spinal manipulative therapy has its roots in medicine spanning thousands of years.  It was directly referenced by Hippocrates (father of medicine) and indirectly by the ancient Egyptians and many other cultures.  In modern times, many spinal manipulation techniques have been developed to provide gentle and highly effective options for patients.

Most chiropractors today use a form of high-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA) thrust to target specific joints.  However, pre-existing conditions and patient preference sometimes require more gentle options toward spinal care.  Health 1st Wellness & Physical Medicine utilizes a combination of instrument assisted adjusting and gentle low-force manipulative techniques to help facilitate joint movement.  No twisting of the body or forceful thrusting is necessary!

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