Have you been in a recent Car Accident? We are here to help you with your Auto Accident Injury.

Did you know that symptoms from auto accident injuries can take weeks or months to surface? Although soft tissue damage may be felt immediately following an accident, the symptoms are often delayed. It is not uncommon for people to have symptoms that start weeks after an accident that they do not even associate with the event.

How do we know this?  We’ve listened to many accident victims over the years explain symptoms like headaches, neck pain, insomnia, confusion, back pain, arm pain, leg pain, numbness and tingling in the extremities,  just to name a few.

Auto Injury Treatment Hot Springs AR

Auto Injury Treatment At Health 1st Wellness & Physical Medicine

If you have been a victim of an auto accident injury, then you should call Health 1st Wellness & Physical Medicine today.  Our Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Randall Roth, has 30 years of experience in healthcare, and over the course of those 30 years has helped many patients with their car accident injuries.

If you are experiencing pain after your accident, you need to be screened to determine the extent of your injuries.  However, even if you have not been in pain, you may still have suffered an injury regardless of the amount of car damage.

Sudden jolting or jarring of the spine can cause seemingly mild injuries that lead to early degenerative arthritic changes. If left uncorrected, they can lead to more spinal degeneration, chronic pain and stiffness that worsens over time, sometimes leading to disability.

Dr. Randall Roth, D.C. - Health 1st Wellness & Physical Medicine

Dr. Randall Roth, D.C.

Dr. Roth utilizes a comprehensive evaluation and treatment process to diagnose and correct the problem. Diagnostic imaging such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans are ordered if necessary to visualize the nature and extent of the injuries. He is nationally certified in spinal decompression therapy, which he often utilizes in rehabilitating neck or back injuries.

Let us help you TODAY! Call for a Free Accident Injury Screening at 501-881-4407.  There is no obligation to receive treatment. This Free Accident Injury Screening is provided as a community service to help determine if there is an underlying problem.

Who is a Candidate for Car Accident Injury Treatment?

After your recent car crash, you may be wondering, "am I a candidate to receive Chiropractic treatment for my auto injuries?"  It is important to know that auto injuries, also known as acceleration-deceleration injuries, will often disrupt the normal alignment and position of spinal structures in the neck and back.

Ignoring and not correcting these biomechanical changes to the spine is analogous to knocking the front end of your car out of alignment and leaving it uncorrected. Initially, you may not see or feel any significant problem, but over time the tires begin showing signs of premature wear and tear.  Likewise, your spinal joints can start experiencing abnormal and accelerated degenerative changes if left uncorrected. This leads to chronic pain and sometimes disability.

The most common change that takes place in acceleration-deceleration injuries is reversing of the normal cervical contour (also known as cervical lordosis). These structural changes initially may feel harmless and insignificant, but can lead to chronic neck pain, upper back pain, arm pain, and headaches. Other serious problems can develop depending on the nature and severity of the initial injury.

Dr. Roth is expertly trained to detect and diagnose any problem areas that may have resulted from your accident, regardless of your pain level. If any abnormalities are found, he has the experience to correct and rehabilitate your injuries.

We daily diagnose and treat the common symptoms associated with auto injuries.  The best way to determine if we can help you is to schedule an appointment to receive your free injury screening evaluation.  We offer gentle, effective, non-surgical, and non-invasive treatments for auto accident related injuries.

Common Symptoms of Auto Injuries:

Neck Pain

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Muscle Spasm








Disc Problems

Car Accident Injury Treatment Hot Springs AR

What Services Do We Offer at Health 1st Wellness & Physical Medicine for the Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Patient?

Auto Accident Injury Hot Springs, Arkansas
Whiplash is a common injury during a car accident.

At Health 1st Wellness & Physical Medicine, we have a variety of physiotherapy modalities to treat many musculoskeletal conditions without the use of drugs, shots, or surgery.

In addition to conventional physiotherapy modalities, we provide what many experts consider a critical step in rehabilitating a neck or back injury, and that’s corrective spinal alignment.  Why is this a critical step? Sudden spinal jolts that occur in automobile acceleration/deceleration injuries disrupt the delicate balance and alignment of the spinal joints and lead to chronic pain and degeneration.

Utilizing a blend of corrective spinal adjustments and physiotherapy is what makes our proprietary treatment approach highly effective.

Diagnostic Imaging: X-Rays (as needed) and/or MRI Order

At Health 1st Wellness & Physical Medicine, we use X-rays (as needed), MRIs, and CT scans not only to diagnose a patient’s condition, but also use them as a tool to direct the course of treatment.  After your recent car accident, it is important to determine the nature and extent of your injuries.  We can take any necessary X-rays on site, and if an MRI is needed, we can order it for you.

Already have X-Rays or an MRI? We provide a FREE Diagnostic Imaging Review. The doctors will review your X-Ray or MRI images and provide a detailed report to you. They utilize computer graphics and 3D models to demonstrate what is seen on the MRI images to help you “connect the dots” between your symptoms and your findings.

Car Accident Injury Treatment with use of X-Ray and MRI
Diagnostic Imaging: Neck X-Ray and MRI

I would like to be screened for Auto Accident Injuries. What Should I Do Now?

Now that you know how crucial it is to be evaluated and treated for auto injuries, you may be wondering what to do next.  To find out if you are a candidate for personal injury treatment in our office, call us at 501-881-4407 and schedule an appointment!

During your screening, you will be able to discuss your condition with the doctor.  Recommendations will be provided based on these findings.  Call our office at 501-881-4407 to Schedule an Appointment Today!

Car Accident Treatment Injury Hot Springs AR


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