"I had difficulty walking and using steps because my knees hurt so badly.  I had a problem performing my daily chores, and was unable to take care of things in the house, yard, and became dependent on other people for help.

The Cold Laser Therapy was a tremendous help from me.  After the first treatment, I noticed getting some relief from the pain, and after additional treatment, the pain was gone.  I thank Dr. Roth and highly recommend him and his wonderful staff who were very pleasant and helpful in my recovery."


"I had been told by a surgeon that I had "bone-on-bone" in my left knee.  I had visited him as a result of knee pain and bowing in my leg.  After that visit and the surgeon wanting to do a knee replacement, I looked for an alternative to surgery.  The surgeon had prescribed a drug for pain but the side effects were much worse than the pain would be, or worse.

After the first treatment in Dr. Roth's Non-Surgical Knee Treatment Program, it seemed like there was no more stress or pain in the knee.  The change was dramatic in the sense that I didn't realize how bad the pain had been.  The results of the treatments have been wonderful.  The staff is caring, friendly, and professional.  The work is wonderful."


"My knee had been hurting for several years and nothing seemed to help the pain.  My pain was so bad that I didn't even want to go to the grocery store.  I had received shots for the pain, but they didn't last very long.  I was at the point, if the doctor would have said I needed it removed, I would have let them.

Now, I am glad it didn't come to that.  After receiving Dr. Roth's treatment, I can walk all over the grocery store.  It's letting me enjoy life more.  I look forward to getting up in the mornings, and I don't wear my frown anymore.  My only regret is that I didn't know about this knee treatment approach sooner."


"Both of my knees hurt most of the time and I was told that I needed them replaced.  I didn't want replacements.  The knee pain prevented me from walking fast, walking upstairs, driving far, and running was out.  I was out of pain on my left knee after two treatments [at Dr. Roth's office] and out of pain on my right knee shortly after that, except for driving a distance.  After completion of treatment, there is now no pain when driving distances.  It feels great!"


"I've tried shots in the knees and was just living with the pain before undergoing Dr. Roth's Non-Surgical Knee Treatment Program.  After receiving treatment, I was able to stand for long periods, and walk further distances.  I know I have made considerable improvements.  These people are just like family and I recommend them before trying knee replacement."


"I could not participate in social activities with my friends, or exercise, as a result of knee pain.  I tried some things on my own such as purchasing knee support braces, tennis shoes for toning and even inserts to place in my shoes.  None of these items worked.  I called Dr. Roth's office and was greeted with a warm, caring, professional staff.  After 5 treatments, I could feel the difference.  I was able to climb stairs without knee pain.  By the 10th treatment, I was my 'old me'  I was able to rejoin the gym without THE PAIN!!!  Thank you so much."


"I had pain and a 'creaking noise' in my knee that prevented me from walking and playing tennis.

After completing Dr. Roth's Non-Surgical Knee Treatment Program, all of my pain was gone, and there was no creaking noise anymore.

Now I am able to walk and do the things I like to do pain free!  I would highly recommend Dr. Roth and the Knee Treatment Program to anyone experiencing pain."


"I had [a knee] replacement.  After two sessions of post-surgical rehab, the pain and swelling was still there.  After asking why, the only answer I got from the doctor was I had an artificial knee and was given pain medications.  I am a very active person doing all my chores, and I love to do yard work.  I could hardly do anything without the pain getting worse, and could not sleep without taking pain pills.  I took all kinds of over the counter drugs, and nothing worked.  Then, I had to get prescription pain medicine from the doctor.

After about two Cold Laser Therapy Treatments with Dr. Roth, I could tell the pain was less.  Now, I have no pain at night which means I am rested and go on with the things I like to do."


"I had left total knee replacement 16 months ago.  The right knee was deteriorating as the left one had done.  I also had back and shoulder pain.  I decided to be proactive on the knee rather than wait until the knee was completely worn out.  I exercised at the gym and took Tylenol.  I was incorrectly exercising which worsened my conditions, and Dr. Roth provided guidance, which was tremendously helpful.

After having treatment [at Dr. Roth's office], the pain is now gone from the knees, spine, and shoulders.  I can lift, walk, rise from a chair and stand comfortably.  My gait has greatly improved.  This treatment is painless - no needles, surgeries, P.T., or drugs."



"I was experiencing almost constant pain in my low back.  After starting the Spinal Decompression Therapy Program at Dr. Roth's office, I got relief almost immediately.  I went from almost constant pain to no pain over the course of my treatment."


"I was having back pain for ten years before hearing about this treatment program.  After about three treatments the pain began to let up, and improved even more after each subsequent treatment.  I highly recommend Dr. Randall Roth, D.C. to anyone with back problems."


"I had pain in my low back and was very irritable. I could only walk a short distance without having to sit or lay down. I've had therapy, injections, pain pills, and bought everything that anyone mentioned would help back pain. After 2 or 3 Spinal Decompression and Cold Laser Therapy treatments, there was a lot of difference in my pain. I have less pain now than I've had in years. This treatment has been a God send to me, and I'll tell anyone who has pain to try it."


"I was having constant major lower back pain as a result of three bulging discs.  The pain prevented me from living a normal life on a daily basis.  I would have to continuously change from a sitting position to a standing position.  Six years ago, I had the nerves severed (Radiofrequency Neurotomy) in my lower back, and that procedure had no effect whatsoever.  I was taking prescription pain medicine on a daily basis, and knew I had to find a more productive way to get rid of the pain forever.

Since starting the Spinal Decompression Therapy Program with Dr. Roth, I have not had to take one pain pill.  The treatment improved my way of life dramatically.  As a result of the therapy, I no longer have dreaded painful days.  I would highly recommend Dr. Roth and his wonderful team.  The therapy has changed my life, thank God!"


"I had severe back pain for several years. The pain got so severe I had to give up golf, exercise, walking, gardening, and other things that required a sound back. My family physician put me on pain management medication. I didn't care for that so I talked to an Orthopedic doctor who took x-rays and confirmed that I had back problems. He recommended a series of three epidural injections, which gave little relief if any. I tried chiropractic, and after three months of treatment had no relief and decided to quit. After reading about cold laser and spinal decompression in the newspaper, I made an appointment with Dr. Roth. He took x-rays and pinpointed my problem. His findings revealed some disc degeneration and other spinal abnormalities, a leg length deficiency, and foot pronation. After completing the treatment, I can now do things like walking and gardening with little or no pain."


"I injured my low back at work and was in extreme pain for over 9 months with a ruptured disc.  I was nearly totally disabled, taking several pain medications, and was almost in constant pain.  I saw my family M.D. who ordered an MRI and put me on very strong pain medications.  No two medical doctors could agree on a course of treatment, so I was just left to suffer.

After doing some research on the internet, I learned of spinal decompression and cold laser therapy. I made an appointment with Dr. Randall Roth, who performed a thorough examination. Based on his findings, he felt the Spinal Decompression and Cold Laser Therapy treatment could help me. After my first treatment, I could tell a tremendous improvement in my symptoms. I have just recently completed a series of treatments and am very pleased to say today I am pain free. It's a miracle in my opinion."


"I was having constant back pain and couldn't stand more than 5 minutes without having to sit down.  Just trying to do work in my house was impossible.  After going to a neurosurgeon I was told that I had Spinal Stenosis, surgery wouldn't help, and in time I wouldn't be able to walk.  Afterwards, I was sent to pain management and received injections that didn't help at all.

After receiving Spinal Decompression Therapy I have been able to walk without pain.  I no longer take pain medications, not even aspirin.  I can't hardly believe that I'm pain-free after all of the doctors that couldn't help me.  I can get up in the morning and say thank you God for leading me to Dr. Roth."


"I had severe lower back pain for 6 years and at one point was stuck in bed for 3 months.  The constant pain kept me from doing anything I enjoyed.  I hurt too much to do anything productive.

After receiving Spinal Decompression Therapy, I was finally able to work and be active, instead of being the grouch that laid in bed all day.  I thank Dr. Roth and the staff for what they've done.  They are the nicest staff I have ever had the privilege of receiving treatment from and thank them for that."



"My neuropathy and knee pain would wake me two to three times during the night.  My knee also hurt when I walked on it, so I used a walker to get around.

After about half of the treatments, I was able to walk without my walker or cane, without pain anywhere.  I am a walking miracle.  My family is excited that I can walk without help.

I look forward to walking everywhere without a walker or cane and no more burning in my feet during the night.  I can get a peaceful night's sleep again."

Video: Neuropathy Success Story

Video: Neuropathy Success Story


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