Why Do We Use Stabilization Exercises?

How Are Proper Stabilization Exercises Beneficial To The Healing Process And Injury Prevention?

The body is comprised of various connective tissues that support the joints of the body while still allowing for the movement necessary to allow for our activities.  When the demand placed on the tissue exceeds its capacity to support the area, injury will occur.

The body employs the use of muscle to augment the support of connective tissues.  In fact, injury to the spine or other body areas is often related to a lack of muscular strength to support the demand being placed on that area by the various activities we perform throughout the day.  Thus, stabilization exercises are necessary to help prevent the onset and recurrence of injury.  It is therefore a necessary component of a comprehensive treatment regimen!

How Do We Implement Stabilization Exercises At Health 1st Wellness & Physical Medicine?

Health 1st Wellness & Physical Medicine utilizes targeted and highly researched but easy to perform stabilization exercises administered in a progressive method to strengthen the supporting muscles of the spine and other areas of the body.  This facilitates healing and helps to prevent the recurrence of the same injury providing longevity to the administered treatment.


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