Text Neck!

text neckBy now you’ve probably heard of “text neck”.  This is the term used for the stiff neck you experience from looking down at your various electronic devices too frequently and for too long.  The human head weighs approximately 10-12lbs, but this weight increases as the neck is brought forward while looking down.  At 45 degrees of bend, the weight of the head increases to approximately 50lbs!

Due to rise in mobile electronic devices, this problem has reached epidemic proportions.  Here are some simple tips that will help overcome this problem.

  1. Elevate the mobile device to eye level.
  2. Look down using your eyes rather than your neck.
  3. Take frequent breaks from your mobile device and limit the amount of time on the device.
  4. Stretch your neck muscles by bending to the right, bending to the left, and bending forward.

-Dr. Ryan Roth