Why I Use Cold Laser Therapy in My Clinic

Cold LaserIn 2001, I opened a chiropractic practice in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. While practicing there, one of my objectives was to learn new and technologically advanced treatment methods for spinal and joint pain conditions. I was constantly looking for better ways to enhance and improve my patient care with the latest technology.

One day, I was eating lunch with an acquaintance who happened to be a local Medical Doctor, and he began sharing some information about a new treatment he was utilizing in his practice. This new treatment was called Cold Laser Therapy. The results his patients were experiencing from this exciting new treatment sounded “too good to be true”.

I was so intrigued by what he was saying about this new technology, I started investigating this “Cold Laser” for myself. As it turned out, there were over 2,000 scientific studies that backed up everything he was telling me. Studies like the one conducted with General Motors, for employees with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, demonstrated significant improvements in 70% of the cases.

In 2009, a study was completed on the effects of Cold Laser Therapy with knee Osteoarthritis. The study showed that knee pain patients received considerable relief and improvement in microcirculation. Other studies have shown that Cold Laser stimulates the formation of Collagen. Collagen makes up the framework of healthy cartilage.

Finally, after careful consideration I decided to add Cold Laser Therapy to my musculoskeletal treatment regimen. That was in 2002, and I am still amazed to this day how much Cold Laser Therapy can help patients when everything else has failed. When I opened Health 1st Wellness & Physical Medicine (formerly known as Arkansas Spine & Joint Pain Clinic) in 2009, Cold Laser Therapy became an integral part of several treatment programs for various conditions we treat in our office. Even the most skeptical patients discover that Cold Laser Therapy can provide not only lasting pain relief, but a profound healing effect as well.

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-Dr. Randall Roth